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Transferring Assistance made easy.


• Almost half of the students enrolled in higher education are in community college
Only 17% of students successfully earn a bachelor’s degree within 6 years of transferring
• There is a student to counselor ratio gap of 1,000 to 1, a lack of end-to-end assistance, and limited communication between students and community college administrators.


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The integrated profile keeps students on track with their progression, while simultaneously sending the data back to administrators.

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Students receive tailored messages mimicking the nudges of a live coach. The program has a built-in reward system and pairs them with an in-person mentor.

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Automated mobile texting between administrators and students that establishes reliable and adaptable communication.

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Phillip Ellisonmore_vert
Managing Director
Phillip Ellisonclose

LinkedIn  ||  @harlemsownpde

Philip is a non-traditional student at Tufts University after attending community college and worked in national service, education, and politics. He is a proud alum of City Year and the Hive Global Leaders program.

Phillip is passionate about strategically bringing together the cross-section of the community, the private sector, the public and social sectors, and technology to foster social innovation that expands opportunities for underserved populations.

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Parisa Esmailimore_vert
Business Development
Parisa Esmailiclose


Deeply committed to increasing social mobility and creating systemic change through education and financial inclusion, Parisa is a former community college student turned MBA graduate.

Her varied experience including business development, communications and marketing, and direct programming, have given her a well-rounded and prudent understanding of organizational structure and social impact. Parisa is a proud alumnae of the national service organization City Year and is the former president of her Net Impact chapter.

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Jubril Lawalmore_vert
Jubril Lawalclose

LinkedIn  ||  @jubslaw

Jubril is a community college graduate who knows first hand the opportunities education brings about. This opportunity afforded him a scholarship at a premier institution in Tufts University where he started working on ULink.

Jubril’s aspiration is to provide community college students most of whom are first-generation and underprivileged and make up just under half of the entire college student population in the United States the vision and tools necessary to pursue the opportunity he was afforded which consequentially would launch them on the path of upward social mobility.

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Johnil Quezadamore_vert
Lead Engineer
Johnil Quezadaclose


Johnil is an enterpreneur and technologist with a passion for innovation and disruptive technologies. After participating in TCU's Values and Ventures competition, and entering the semi-finals at Student Startup Madness, he became a Mobile App Developer in order to continue innovating and pushing technology forward.

Johnil's purpose and passion is to bring equality in opportunity to every single person on the planet, so that everyone can follow their dreams and passions. To this aim, he seeks to use technology for the advancement of man kind as a whole.

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